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Paediatric General Conditions

Cough is a common symptom in children.


Cough is a common symptom in children. If chronic, it affects sleep and quality of life. More importantly, it is important to address the underlying cause. 

Some causes include:

Bronchial hyperreactivity/Asthma- cough can be triggered by viral infections, cold air or exercise. Your child may be short of breath or coughing/wheezing non-stop at night. 

Allergic rhinitis- sneezing, cough, runny and/or congested nose

Protracted bacterial bronchitis- bacteria lung infection can result in a chronic wet cough

Abdominal pain can be acute or chronic.

Abdominal Pain

Acute causes include stomach flu causing vomiting and diarrhea. An examination is important to exclude surgical conditions like appendicitis and intussusception. 

Chronic causes commonly include constipation, gastritis and some food allergies.

Common Childhood Conditions


High fever with a rash after the fever settles. Child is generally well. Having a fever is the body’s way of fighting the infection

Bronchitis/ Bronchiolitis

When the lower tract is affected, your child may wheeze or look breathless.


Fever, cough, runny nose and sorethroat.

Stomach Flu

Vomiting and/or diarrhea

Urine Tract Infection

Fever, poor feeding, irritability, pain or frequency in passing urine, abdominal pain, smelly urine

Ear Infection

Ear pain with or without fever

Hand, foot, mouth diseaese

Hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) is a common childhood infection. 

Fever, flu, sorethroat and rashes in the mouth and on the hands, feet and buttocks. Refusal to eat or drink.




  1. Physical assessment

  2. Developmental assessement

  3. Growth assessment

  4. Medical treatment

  5. Inpatient care in all private hospitals


Laboratory/ Radiology

  1. Blood investigations

  2. Nasal swabs

  3. Stool tests

  4. Urine tests

  5. Skin biopsy

  6. Other skin tests

  7. X-rays

  8. Ultrasounds



  1. Childhood immunisation

  2. Travel vaccination

Vaccination Packages for Babies & Children

Baby Package - $950.00 before GST


Consultations & Vaccines

6-8 weeks

4 months

6 months

10 months


5-in-1 and Pneumococcal Vaccine*

6-in-1 and Pneumococcal Vaccine

Developmental Assessment

Add additional 2 doses of Rotarix at $188.80

Toddler Package - $930.00 before GST

1 year 

15 months

18 months

2 years 

MMR and Chickenpox

MMRV and Pneumococcal Vaccine


Developmental Assessment

Optional Vaccines can be added at a separate charge during developmental assessment consultations including Influenza, Hepatitis A and Meningitis vaccines. 

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