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Other Paediatric Skin Conditions

Hives (Urticaria)

Hives are itchy wheals which can be triggered acutely by viral infections, medication, food or certain contactants. 

Chronic hives can be triggered by heat, cold, sun exposure and so on. 

When hives are difficult to control with antihistamines, there may be a role for further allergic evaluation in certain cases or a need for second or third line treatment especially if quality of life is affected.

Dr Chong Kids Medical & Eczema Clinic, Hives in kids
Haemangioma, Dr Chong Kids Medical & Eczema Clinic

Infantile Haemangioma

Most common benign tumours of infancy which is diagnosed clinically. It may only appear in the first few weeks of life. It can grow rapidly and it feels soft.

Superficial hemangiomas are bright red whereas deep hemangioma look bluish.

Location is important – hemangiomas on eyes, nose, airways, perineum may cause obstruction, functional impairment and disfigurement.  These need URGENT treatment.

Segmental hemangiomas may be associated with syndromes and need imaging scans. 

Haemangiomas can be treated with oral or topical medications or left alone if they are small.


Most birthmarks are benign. Some may grow along with the child. If your baby is unwell or if the birthmark grows rapidly, it is important to bring your child to see a doctor.

Salmon patches/ nevus flammeus- pink flat rashes on the back of the neck, eyelid and the area between the eyebrows.

Port wine stain- deep red or purple flat rashes. If found on the top half of the face, consider the Sturge Weber Syndrome which can be associated with seizures. 

Mongolian spots- blue flat rashes usually over the lower back. Some may fade with time. 

Congenital melanocytic nevus- black or brown usually round birthmarks

Nevus sebaceous- a slightly raised oval and yellow rash on the scalp and face.

Dr Chong Kids Medical & Eczema Clinic, Birthmark
Dr Chong Kids Medical & Eczema Clinic, Rashes

Rashes in Babies

Erythema toxicum- red spots or rashes on a red base.

Milia- Small white spots, will resolve spontaneously

Sebaceous gland hyperplasia- Yellow spots on the nose or cheeks

Mottling- a lacy rash with pale areas in between, common after cold exposure

Acne- baby pimples

Seborrheic dermatitis- greasy, yellow scales on the scalp or eyebrows.

Common Childhood Skin Conditions

Molluscum- Pearlly white bumps with indentations.

Impetigo- Red blisters with crusts.

Warts- Grainy, rough skin growths.

Prurigo nodularis
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